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Avoid a Costly PAGA Lawsuit

If you have never been hit with a Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) lawsuit, then consider your business fortunate. There are over 7,000 PAGA Lawsuits yearly against every type of business or non-profit you could think of. Most are over technical violations like a late lunch or miscalculation of new overtime rates due to bonuses. These lawsuits become class action lawsuits and could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions.

This is why the CRHWA partnered up with CABIA HR to ensure our members greatly reduce the exposure to a PAGA Lawsuit.

CABIA HR reviews the employer’s policies and procedures to see if they comply with applicable federal and state law. Their extensive diagnosis can help prevent PAGA Lawsuits and wage and hour violations. Complying with California’s 1,100 pages plus labor law digest can be a daunting task for the most sophisticated human resource professionals. Part of their review process starts with Paycheck Stubs, Time Card and Time Keeping System Review, Meal & Rest Breaks, and  Much, Much, More.

If you go to their website www.cabiahr.com you can learn more and if you purchase any of their services all members will receive a 20% discount. Just type in CRHWA in the discount code.

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