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CRHWA is a community of business owners dedicated to helping each other succeed. Our members are owners of independent hardware stores, home centers, and lumberyards, as well as vendors and partners that provide products and services that fit our unique needs.


We focus exclusively on California’s hardware industry and the issues that arise with doing business in the state.

Our members are across California, in major cities, and small towns. Understanding that challenges are easier to solve working together we are driven to give access to powerful resources and information that might not otherwise be available to the individual.


We offer membership to Retailers, Vendors, and Professional Partners. Please read on to understand what CRHWA Membership can mean to your business.

Benefits for Retailers


Our members are passionate business owners, willing to share best practices, solutions to business challenges, and resources for success. CRHWA also has connections with vendors and professional partners who are ready to help.


The CRHWA Business Toolbox includes essential industry information, discounts for professional services, and access to California-based vendors. We are continually seeking out new things to help retailers grow in this competitive landscape.


CRHWA gives owners a stronger voice and greater influence through connections, relationships, and community. Hardware stores represent one the state’s largest retail segments.

Benefits for Vendors


Independent hardware stores, home centers, and lumberyards regularly look for new and exciting products. As a CRHWA Vendor Member, you have a way to connect and get your product into these stores through our exclusive MarketPlace.


CRHWA is building a California specific distribution network, enabling our Vendor Members to get their products onto store shelves more efficiently and economically. We are intent on getting the best products into the customer’s hands.


Vendor Members can connect with store owners, increasing their visibility for current and future products. These relationships are critical for the success of vendors manufacturing in California or manufacturing products that are good for California.

Benefits for Professional Partners


One of the hardest parts of running any small business is finding new opportunities. By joining CRHWA’s Professional Partners Program, your business will be exposed to companies across California who are looking to build relationships.


Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, especially as the competition from larger companies becomes more fierce. One of the missions of CRHWA is to support small businesses and help them prosper. You join that fight when you join this program.


Expertise is a phenomenal gift, especially when it’s shared with businesses that are looking to grow. We look to our Professional Partners to share their experience and best practices to help educate our Members, Vendors, and the industry.

Get More Information

Send us a message to learn more about joining CRHWA.