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The benefits of being a member of a community dedicated to independently owned hardware stores, home centers, and lumberyards are numerous. Together our strength allows us to access retail programs and favorable terms not available to an independent business by itself.

Please take a moment and learn about each service.

Property and Casualty Insurance

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Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation

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Credit Card Processing Services

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Wage & Hour Audit Services

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Marketing Services

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Running a business is hard

You want to be spending your time working on your business not doing endless paperwork.  Complexity and regulation have reached unprecedented levels.

With thousands of others going through the same frustrations relief is often available through niche services. We search for solutions and share with our members. 


Categories too broad for just one solution like payroll, HR and insurance require more of a partnership. We constantly seek out companies that “get it” and deliver more than just transactional value.

We’ve noticed that these service providers all share one simple quality, a relationship building mindset .

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