CNRG To Reopen Seven Former Orchard Stores in California


In a press release dated May 3, 2019, CNRG announced:

Central Network Retail Group (CNRG), a multi-format, multi-brand retailer currently operating 104 hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards throughout fourteen U.S. states, announced plans to open seven stores in California, all in locations formerly operated by Orchard Supply Hardware.

For these stores, CNRG will create a new brand called Outdoor Supply Hardware. This will mark the 16th brand operated by CNRG. While CNRG will bring its own merchandising assortment to the stores, this new brand will also strive to honor the long-standing appeal of Orchard Supply to local consumers and business shoppers by offering many of the same products and services for which the locations were well known and loved.

“These stores have meant so much to these communities over the years and we are excited to be able to bring them back to life,” said John Sieggreen, CNRG president. “These are fantastic locations in highly trafficked shopping centers and we look forward to getting them staffed and merchandised in the next few months so we can be open sometime this fall.”

Mark Baker, former chief executive officer of Orchard Supply Hardware, was instrumental in helping CNRG bring this idea to fruition. “I know firsthand just how special these stores are to their customers,” Baker said. “When I initially approached CNRG about the concept I was confident we could win back the support of shoppers, team members, and suppliers, and I’m even more certain of that now after having worked on the plan with the CNRG team over the past few months. These seven stores are a great way for CNRG to enter the California market.”

CNRG expects the stores to begin opening as early as September.


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