Small Business Protection Act

CRHWA is a community of independent hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards.

Poor representation hurts small businesses.


The Small Business Protection Act is a list of laws that are currently causing the most harm to small businesses and our suggested remedy. These simple changes would protect the small business community without altering the integrity of the law. 

Well meaning laws and executive orders can create an unfair burden on small businesses. Without the same level of resources, the cost of regulation and administration is disproportionately higher for these employers.  Legislation that includes a legal remedy also disproportionately affects the small employer. Small businesses with limited time and money are less likely to contest in court. 

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Private Attorney General Act (PAGA)

Rewrite PAGA removing incentives to sue.  PAGA is a dangerous law potentially exposing every employer to expensive lawsuits for the purpose of generating revenue over protecting workers.

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Prop 65

Exclude retail businesses from the law.  Retail stores should not be sued because of labeling issues that are outside of their control.

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ADA Lawsuits (including websites)

Allow small businesses to correct ADA problems. Lawsuits should only be a last resort after other remedies have been exhausted.

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State of Emergency – Price Gouging

The State of Emergency which gives the Governor the power to write executive orders should end now.  With it the poorly written overly restrictive order on price gouging. 


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